Fall Home Renovation Projects

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The cooler weather of fall makes home improvement projects more bearable. Many fall home improvement projects focus on preparing the home for winter weather including sealing, protecting and repairing areas of the home that may leak cold air. Check out these 4 projects that are perfect for cool, autumn days.

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Remodeling ideas

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Perhaps you have looked around your house as you thought about the future and realized that you need to do some remodeling. It’s a good idea to give your home a good face lift every ten years or so to bring it up to date and make it look snappy and new. Its fun to do as a family project and when the renovation is done, you will be proud to bring in family and friends to entertain because your home will look wonderful again.

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Basement Remodeling

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Maybe one of the most often cited reasons that people sell their homes and move is to get more space. The problem arises when you want space in your home for another bedroom for a child or for an office, work out room or a playroom for the children and there just isn’t physical space for it where you live. But before you go to all the expense and effort of moving to get more room for those functions, you may have an entire floor that you are not using literally right under your feet. For less than the costs of moving into a larger house, you can remodel your basement and create those special new rooms that you always wanted.

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Old House Remodeling

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New houses might require fewer repairs and feature modern-day conveniences, but some people feel comfortable living with history; a home’s heritage can provide a sense of stability and pride. Remodeling older homes can mean restoring a building to its original sheen, or changing floor plans to accommodate current lifestyles and tastes. A little extra time and attention paid to older homes can improve a homeowner’s quality of life and help boost the home’s value on the market.

Opening Spaces

Opening up small spaces can make cramped spaces feel bigger. Small rooms and divided floor plans of older homes might not fit contemporary homeowners. Today, buyers view a kitchen as a center of the home, rather than just a place to cook. Taking down a wall dividing a small kitchen and a living area can open up a space. Entertaining a crowd can involve guests in food preparation, and open kitchens avoid everybody crowding into small cramped kitchens.

Extending Views

Opening up views to backyards or adding attractive landscapes can help transform an ordinary home into an extraordinary one. Creating vistas, in which a visitor can see from the front door to the backyard, can help make a home feel picturesque.

Outdoor Living

Creating outdoor living spaces where none currently exist enhances a home’s charm. Adding a deck or a sitting area in your flower garden gives friends and family a place to relax.



Budget Friendly Home Improvements

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Perhaps it is the difficulty that is going on right now in the housing market but there never has been a time that it is more popular to think of remodeling the space you are living in rather than sell your home to buy a new one.  After all, you bought the house you are living in because you loved it at the time.  If you have discovered over the years that there are some changes, you might introduce to the house to make it a better home for your family or to make it a better place for you to gather guests, why not think about remodeling rather than moving? Kitchen before 2

For one thing, right now you won’t get a very good price for your house.  It might take a couple years for home prices to come back up.  That means staying in your home and modifying it to make it your dream home makes a lot more sense than selling right now.  In fact, you may discover that you like your current home even more than you might have liked a new place once you can renovate it to fit your vision of a dream house.

And you can do that while staying with your same good mortgage that you have been paying on for all these years.

Renovations to your existing home don’t all have to be done at once.  This is an important economic aspect to remodeling that should not be overlooked.  If you have $10,000 in renovations planned to transform your home to your dream house, that doesn’t mean you have to go to the bank and try to take out a $10,000 loan.  Not only is that a questionable financial maneuver with credit being tight at it is, that is another payment you have to make. kitchen after done
Instead, you can break down your large remodeling plan into small things you can do without breaking the bank.

  • Update your kitchen with cabinet refinishing. New cabinets can cost a fortune. Have your old cabinets refaced for a fraction of the cost for the exact same effect.  Give your appliances a face-lift.
  • Add more light to your living area by replacing old windows with new ones.


  • Refinish hardwood floors.
  • Add new curtains, decorations, a fresh coat of paint or even add a walk-in closet  to your master bedroom.


Instead of spending all of the money on one huge project, perhaps you might just paint a new color in the living room and pay for that from money you saved up since last year. After saving a little more, you can get the new tile floor you have wanted to put in the kitchen.  Then with a little more practical financial management, another step until little by little you slowly transform your home into that fully remodeled milieu that you always wanted.

This approach makes a lot of sense because it fits with what financial managers have told us for the last 10 years which is to only buy what you can afford.  Instead of taking out that vast loan and paying large payments on that debt which means lost revenue to interest, you put back that same amount into savings until you have enough for the next step.  That savings account makes interest and you pay each step off as you can afford it. Its smart financial management and its smart project management to see your remodeling plans become a reality, step by step.

Tips Before You Remodel

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Remodeling your home is one of the biggest projects you may set out on in your life. Depending on the scope of the work you want to get done, a remodeling project can be as simple as slapping a new coat of paint on the living room to as complicated as gutting the house and starting from scratch. Your vision for your newly remodeled living spaces probably falls somewhere between these two extremes.

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Remodeling Houses

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Remodeling Houses Before and after

If you have a talent for taking a house and transforming it into a palace, you may have a lucrative line of work you can take advantage of that lets you make a lot of money doing what you really love to do. For someone who has the skills to do plumbing, rewire a house for electricity, knock down and put up walls and use all of the other skills it takes to completely remodel a home, the practice of what some call “flipping houses” can pay off for you big time.

The process of taking a run down house or even an ordinary house and making it look great and transforming it into something really great that someone will want to buy is a gift that you have that adds real value to society. And if you can pick up houses in need of renovation for a song and do the repairs and renovations economically, you can turn a tidy profit with each house you “flip”.

Imagine if you can buy a house for a low price, improve is drastically spending perhaps a quarter of the cost of the original purchase on the renovations and then sell it for twice what you paid. That is a solid return on your investment. And you are giving that house a facelift so it can be a delightful home for a new family for years and perhaps decades to come. You can feel good about what you have done for that family, for that house and for your bank account along the way.

Part of the talent you will have for making money buying, fixing up and selling houses will come as a result of experience. When you look at a room and you can formulate a remodeling plan for that room in your mind with specific knowledge not only of what needs to be done but how long it will take, what additional help you might need to do it and what materials will be required, then you are developing the analytical skills of an expert remodeling expert.

You can then estimate with some accuracy how long the job will take and what it will cost. That will enable you to know with some accuracy how much it will take to transform a house into a great looking piece of property ready to sell. It is crucial you be able to estimate the cost of the remodel as well as the potential return on your investment when you sell the house so you can pick the houses you go after to flip with an awareness of which ones will make you money and which ones are“money pits”.

That talent may come from working with experienced home remodelers and doing a few dozen overhauls to houses so you get that intuition for which jobs will pay well and which are not worth your investment of time. But with that skill in place, you can snap up the good projects and turn them around quickly for a tidy profit. And you will be making all that money while doing something you love to do which is remodeling old houses and making them new again.

Bathroom Renovation

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Bathroom Renovation

When the time comes to remodel your bathroom or bathrooms, the range of skills needed to get the job done are diverse. For such a small room, you may need to have a contractor who is capable of renovating the tiling, the lighting, the plumbing and the electrical organization of the room. You may look for your remodeling contractor to replace the shower, the toilet and/or the countertops to take an ordinary bathroom and make it look extraordinary.

If you have decided to bring on a contractor to partner with you to create a stunning new bathroom, that is a costly relationship but one that improves your chances of getting a good job done in that small space. You may have to interview a number of contractors, however, to find one who has both the technical skills and the ability to catch your vision for a new look and feel to your bathroom. Your remodel is about more than just making the bathroom more attractive. You are creating mood and communicating to your guests messages about your style and outlook in that room. Your contractor should understand what you are trying to say in your new décor and help you get that message across loud and clear.

You don’t want to have to interview dozens and dozens of random contractors for this important job. So one of your first priorities is to start out with a short list of qualified contractors to bring in to discuss the project and then to select the perfect one from that list who can get the job done right. One way to get the right contractors is to find out who has done similar projects as the one you have in mind. If you see a particularly well done bathroom in the home of a friend, find out if they used a contractor and get a reference from them. If they were happy with the work, they will be eager to share that contractor with you.

Experience is everything when it comes to knowing how to do a good job in remodeling your bathroom. When you finally do narrow down the candidates for the job, get more references from each of them. It is not uncommon to “check out” the work of each contractor before you even invite them to bid on the project. By examining the “before and after” pictures of what they have done with other bathrooms, it is easy to see if their skills are up to the task you have in mind for that contractor.

Naturally you should also check out if the contractor does honest business, has the right education, insurance, bonding and certification and if he brings workers to the project that are also well trained for the jobs they are being paid to do. If you find that kind of high caliber contractor, he will be able to transform your bathroom to fit that vision you have for it and do it on time and under budget.

Master Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

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How to create a master bedroom that reflects your personality and style

Whether you are remodeling an existing room or building new, there is no limitation to designing your dream master bedroom.  You just have to keep in mind that this is a place for rest and relaxation.

You can probably think of some great bedrooms you have either been in or seen and that is a great place to draw ideas from.  Since the heart of the bedroom is the bed, that is a good place to start.

The bed is the core element of a master bedroom design

The “key” to designing an amazing master bedroom is the layout.  It is ideal to enter the bedroom without immediately seeing the bed.  The bed should also be placed where natural daylight can be allowed to enter shine abundantly.

Once you are happy with the bed accommodations, perhaps the next stop will be the seating area.

Adding a seating area

A place to relax

When it comes to an amazing master bedroom, sitting areas are an important feature.  No one wants to feel like they are only welcome in their bedrooms to sleep; the entire room should be able to be utilized for relaxation.  Design a seating area using chairs, or love seats, end table and even a coffee table.

Master bathroom

The bathroom is a place of private tranquility and relaxation.  The master bathroom may have special features, like a jacuzzi, or a walk in shower.  If you’re in the process of redesigning your master bath, pick a style that reflects your personal taste.

Walk-in closet

A walk-in closet is sometimes referred to as a dressing room and is likely to be part of the master bedroom suite.  When designing a walk-in closet, much of the design needs to follow from the size of the closet.  Also, the more space that is in the a closet, the more features it can have, such as a dressing area, shoe storage area, shelving or even a sitting area.

Choosing colors

The right choice of color is a sense of personal style.  Neutral colors are always a good choice for a restful feel.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches add visual interest and define the theme of the master bedroom. Choose the finishing touches for your room, such as window coverings, rugs, wall decor and accent pieces, keeping in mind the overall theme and style in mind.  The final touches turn a plain master bedroom into your own personal retreat at the end of each day.

When every element of the bedroom spells comfort, the experience is spectacular.