Residential Remodeling & New Home Construction

Your home is the most important asset you have, so when you’re ready to build or remodel you need to make some initial decisions. What is the most important factor in making your hiring decision?

  • Is it price, quality or time?
  • What are your time constraints?
  • What are your customer service needs?

These decisions may seem basic, but as you’ll find out there is a big difference in how construction companies are run. Some are cheaper but may carry less insurance or find ways to cut corners. It may be difficult to get the project completed on time because they are running to many jobs at once to make up for shortfalls in income or they may not have the manpower needed to complete the project. In the construction business the old saying is true — You get what you pay for.

At Canty Brothers, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality work at a competitive price without sacrificing exceptional customer service. We have 20 years of construction experience specializing in residential remodeling, renovations and additions. Because we have spent 20 years working in Massachusetts and its older homes, we know what to expect. We can foresee most problems in the beginning so there are no surprises.

Canty Brothers Construction provides quality home improvement and remodeling services to turn your house into the living space that meets your needs. We can remodel family rooms, basements and garages, update your kitchen or bathroom or expand your living area and improve your home. Our proposal process is meticulous and thorough. We bring all our subcontractors through the home during the bidding process to get as many expert opinions as possible before the project begins, reducing the need for change orders and cost overruns. Our quality and project management are unmatched.  We will be there from the beginning until the last truck rolls away.

Many people are considering renovations to their existing homes rather than buying a new home and uprooting their families. If you have outgrown your current living conditions and are considering a major renovation for your home, you want to be sure that you engage the most experienced, reputable and reliable home improvement and remodeling contractor in business today.

Our relationships with experts in a wide variety of specialized trades like kitchen and bath designers, solar installations and and green building techniques enables us to take on any project and deliver a quality result. Your remodeling project is your only concern and we pride ourselves on using only the most experienced person available in each field on your project. We assemble the most experienced, reputable and reliable team possible to ensure that you gain the home improvements you need and the home remodeling that you desire, all within your budget.

Our services range from partial remodels to whole house construction. We handle all of the areas included in the project either personally or with experience sub-contractors, including:

  • Framing
  • Foundation & Concrete
  • Interior and Exterior finishes
  • Custom built-ins
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Roofing
  • Permits & Inspections

Our materials are bought from quality distributors with whom we have long standing relationships. Because of this we can receive quality products at a reasonable price. We have a long standing relationship with all subcontractors, some as long as 15 years. All new subcontractors must go through an approval process before being considered for a project. And because we manage the whole process from top to bottom, we ensure a quality result.

Contact us to find out how we can deliver the renovation project you’ve been dreaming about or use the request a consultation page to get the project underway.