Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

By January 17, 2014October 27th, 2016Remodeling

Have you ever walked into someone’s bathroom when you are a guest in their home and just said “Wow”? Now ask yourself if you think people get that “Wow” feeling in your bathroom. If not, you may be able to add some real pizzazz to your bathroom with a few simple modifications that can alter the nature of the room entirely.

If you think you might be interested in a major overhaul to the bathroom, there is nothing like coordinating the tile, the shower and the sink area in one striking color combination. One option would be to combine black tile and shower as well as a black marble look to the counter tops with a pure white porcelain sink to create an offset that will be sure to grab the attention of anyone who walks into that room. With the addition of some red towels and throw rugs, your bathroom now becomes a real visual treat.

Many times guest bathrooms can look very enclosed and small, so anything you can do to open up the room is a great step in your remodeling plans. If there is an exterior wall that you can use to install a window, this will allow sunlight in during the day, which can make that bathroom look twice as big with just one simple improvement. If you then follow that revision with the addition of a sunlight up above, that little bathroom will seem open to all of Mother Nature. Your bathroom will have a completely different feel about it with just those two adjustments.

Another great way to evolve the nature of a bathroom is to transform it from a humdrum bathroom into a spa. With a couple remodeling steps you can make it so that your bathroom not only looks great, but so it also serves as a means of luxury for you and your family. If the bathroom is small, you may want to consider the option of annexing it with an adjoining room to add space. This way you can convert that tiny restroom into a place people will want to linger.

The things to change include…

Double or triple the floor space of the bathroom by taking out a wall and expanding the plumbing to accommodate the new improvements.

  • Take out that little bathtub and put in a Jacuzzi sized tub instead.
  • Add a hot tub or steam room.
  • Add lots of lights, floor space and mirrors so there is plenty of room to have a luxury bath time in that area.

While most of these changes will be enjoyed by you and your family, the revamped look of your bathroom will be truly impressive to all. So don’t be surprised if people disappear into that bathroom for a while, for they may want time to soak up the atmosphere themselves.