Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

By January 17, 2014October 27th, 2016Remodeling

Of all the rooms you may have on your home remodeling schedule, planning a bedroom renovation can be the most fun of them all. That is because unlike remodeling a kitchen, a bedroom for a guest or a child, or rooms where you entertain visitors, remodeling the master bedroom is all about your own desires. This is your opportunity to indulge yourself in your dream bedroom. As long as you have the space and/or budget, you can let your dreams go wild in what you include in your bedroom upgrade.

You can probably remember some great bedrooms you have either been in or seen. These can serve as helpful examples to draw ideas from. Since the heart of the bedroom is the bed, that is a good place to start. If you have a simple queen or full sized bed, it bedroom copymight be time to consider replacing it with a very large and expensive bed with a beautiful headboard and maybe even a canopy if that is part of the dream. Of course, if the room will not accommodate that size bed, your project may call for annexing another room to double the size of the bedroom. This is a wonderful, albeit dramatic remodeling step, which would be well suited for couples in those “empty nest” years. By taking down a wall, the space that was once your child’s bedroom can now serve another purpose as it will change your ordinary bedroom into a luxury suite for the king and queen of the household.

Once you are happy with the bed accommodations, perhaps the next step will be the entertainment center. For, despite how one may think that a bedroom is all about sleeping, most utilize the area for much more than that. Many couples relax by laying in bed, enjoying the luxury of a big screen TV to watch a movie on while snuggling down in the sheets. Where you put the cabinetry to hold that TV and perhaps the DVD player as well as stereo equipment is an important decision to make early on as you are planning your new bedroom masterpiece. You may also wish to consider what types of lighting would be suited to your needs in this area. To assist you in these decisions:

From the entertainment center, one may want start figuring the master bathroom. Putting in a Jacuzzi and an alluring double sink area ( designed with an emphasis on quality and beauty can evolve the bedroom area. Your space will now begin to take on the feel ofbedroom - Copy a high quality hotel suite. Now, all that remains is simply a matter of expanding your vision to accommodate just about any wish you may have for that special place. A deck off the back equipped with a private hot tub is a wonderful addition. A walk in closet with room to change clothes, sit and try on shoes and take your time with your wardrobe is a treat you can reward yourself with on account of all your hard work. So may your imagination have no bounds in the design stage of your ideal bedroom. It may take some time to afford all of the luxuries you want in that bedroom, but it doesn’t cost a thing to plan and dream!