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Turn your “Forever Home” into your “Dream Home"

Home Additions are a great way to expand, update, and capitalize on your home investment, especially if moving out of the family home and neighborhood is not the ideal preference. We understand the financial and emotional stress of selling your home, moving your life to a new location is not an option for many of us. 

Home Additions will have dramatic results! However, home additions need careful planning to ensure it will structurally work with what is already there while ensuring the new home addition graciously fits with the original style of the home. Sometimes your addition can extend the home footprint, while sometimes it can be an advantage to add on top of the original structure to preserve the land you have surrounding your home. In either case, we consult with you and explain a range of options to make sure you get the space you need in the style that works with what you already have. The ideal Home Addition will maximize and enhance the space you already have, while expanding the home and delivering options you never thought possible.

If you are thinking about a Home Addition project now or in the future, request a consultation! It would be our pleasure to help you design the additional living space that accommodates your unique lifestyle, family, & budget.