In-Law Apartments

By November 20, 2014October 27th, 2016Remodeling

In-law apartmentIn today’s society there seems to be a growing trend of multiple generations of a family living together in the same household. Though it is nice to have all of your kin under one roof, at times some may desire some extra space and privacy. An in-law apartment is a perfect solution to this conflict. This kind of dwelling can create a means of having an individual’s desires addressed meanwhile remaining in close proximity with their loved ones. These spaces are great for someone’s older parents who may need a hand with daily pressures of life, an adult child that is moving back into the household, or even a long-term visitor that one plans to have stay in their home.

There is no one look for this type of apartment. There are a multitude of options to fit your needs for an in-law apartment. First, you must answer the question: what space would be used to create this apartment? Some ideas include:

  • A garage can be used to make an in-law apartment. Depending on the size of the garage, you may be able to put in a second-story or could add space vertically to create a second-story apartment to satisfy your needs for the apartment meanwhile maintain garage space.
  • You could combine two bedrooms to make a suite. This way, no additional space would need to be added to your home, you would simply be working with what you already have!
  • A basement is a great option for an in-law apartment. This gives the resident a great deal of privacy being on a separate floor all while providing you with a much nicer purpose for a  basement rather than mere storage space.
  • Even a porch area could be enclosed to become a homey living space.

Next, one must answer the question of what you would like to be included into the new apartment. There is no one way to build this. Depending on your budget and the amount of available space, there are many choices to make involving the inclusions you wish to have. If working with limitations, this suite could simply be a bedroom and bath located in solitude. However, the bedroom and bathroom could be just the start, as it is possible to have an apartment complete with additional living quarters, kitchen, closets, and more.

Some other points to consider:

  • If building this space for an elderly guest or relative, make sure it has their needs in mind. Should the space be located on the first floor? Is there ample lighting as well as easily maneuverable space for a wheelchair or walker? Have you included any grab bars to prevent potential falls? Are the kitchen and bathroom drawers easily opened? These are question you may want to ask yourself if this is who you are designing the space for.
  • What will your budget and space allow? Could you potentially include a washer and dryer in the unit? How much kitchen space could be available to you; is there space for all kitchen appliances or will you have to be selective?
  • Most importantly, do NOT forget to check local planning and subdivision regulations! Different towns and cities have different rules, so it is very important to find out about building codes and zoning laws before considering this project.

Just because you are living with many people in one household there is no reason for your privacy to be sacrificed! There are many plausible options to make an in-law apartment right for your home. Not only will no one have to compromised their independence, but it will result in a great means for increasing the value on a home!