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Mudroom and Entryways

By October 17, 2012October 27th, 2016Remodeling

You know what they say about first impressions. Since the entryway is what your guests’ will see right away — make sure the paint color, furniture  and seating that you choose send the right message.

 When it’s cold, wet and muddy outside, keeping the house clean and free of leaves, dirt and puddles becomes a near impossible task. Gateway to the rest of the house this is when mudroom becomes the hardest working space in the house. This space is also the most practical spot for outerwear, boots, scarves, pet gear and more. For many homes the entryway functions as a mudroom. 

This website has great ideas and information on mudrooms.

Even though it’s a place in the home that desperately needs it, it seems as though most homes rarely have enough entryway storage. Even those that have coat closets can often still use more. So if your foyer is lacking in storage check out these ideas for creating an efficient and organized entryway.

If you have a coat closet there are ways to make the most of it.

  • Install hooks on the inside of the door for hanging bags or scarves.
  • If it has a shelf fill it with baskets designated for each member of the household. People can use them for storing gloves, scarves, or whatever else they frequently use.

Chest of Drawers
A chest of drawers is a great piece of furniture to have in a foyer if you’ve got the room.

  • Add baskets or dividers in the drawers for each family member to use. It will keep the drawers from becoming a jumbled mess of bags and accessories.

Hooks and Coat Racks

  • A coat rack can be a simple solution for placing coats, bags and scarves.

If not, try hanging a series of hooks along the wall for hanging coats and bags. Make sure you’ve got enough to accommodate as many items as you regularly use. There’s nothing worse than piling so many coats on top of each other that they keep falling off and onto the floor.

Storage Bench

  • A bench that has storage inside of it is a great piece for a foyer.

People can sit on it when putting on their shoes, and lots of items can be stored inside. They’re really great for hiding dirty shoes and boots.


If there’s really no space to put any kind of furniture consider installing some shelves on the wall. Again, use baskets to keep everything organized.

For an added touch, create a comfortable place in your mudroom. This is a great place to cozy up with a book away from the family. Or it can serve as a timeout area throughout the day.

“There is something so gratifying about organizing a space and actually having it function just as you had hoped.”