New England Style Home Addition | Wayland Ma

The owners of this New England colonial home wanted to expanded their living space and update their exterior to create their dream home. Canty Brothers design/build process allowed them to increase their square footage with a new 2-car garage, master suite, bath and walk-in closet, new living and dining room renovated kitchen and all new exterior siding, walkway and portico. This transformed their classic colonial into a larger contemporary home, bringing their vision to reality!


This 4 bedroom, 1400 square foot home had room to expand and a need to modernize the exterior to create a dream home.


Taking down the 1-car garage and building out a new 2-car garage with new foundation in the back will allow a build out of a second story to grow the family space and create a master suite.

The Transformation.

This once quaint colonial is now a new home with a new 2-car garage, new master suite with full bath and walk in closet, plus a new family and dining space and fully renovated kitchen. And the exterior now has a updated and modern feel with new siding, stone walkway and portico.