- A Modern Dental Suite That Is Bright & Open -
Complete with a coffee station and custom designed fish tank, achieving a welcoming atmosphere for patients and staff. Additionally, the separate playroom allows children of all ages to be entertained while they wait. Storage was key throughout the suite - custom made maple cabinets provide plenty of functional storage for equipment and supplies, keeping the entire space organized and comfortable.

Relaxing Waiting Area

A soft and inviting color palette of blues and browns lend to the furniture and fixtures. Two nice and comfortable blue chairs to wait in a cozy waiting room. Plenty of recessed lighting to make reading a magazine with ease. The custom built fish tank adds a splash of color to this room. A custom made maple cabinet for a coffee station. This station allows patients to have easy access to coffee or tea as they wait. Plus, a large and entertaining children’s playroom to pass the time while they wait.

Tailored For Productivity!

The hallways to each room is wide and bright for easy movement. The front desk is comfortable for patents to check in and for staff to work. Each dental room is open and bright complete with the latest in dental equipment. There is plenty of storage in custom made maple cabinets for all supplies.